COVID-19 Response: Help Local Communities

The internet industry is working to help local communities affected by these challenging times, especially educators, small businesses, artists, and nonprofit organizations. IA member companies are offering a variety of tools and resources that support communities all across the world.

IA Members Help Local Communities By:

  • Offering a wide range of at-home educational materials

    for educators, parents, and students, including teacher-developed lesson plans, videos, audiobooks, and ebooks

  • Providing free access to advanced collaboration and productivity services

    for educational institutions and universities as well as small businesses and entrepreneurs

  • Organizing information hubs for teachers and educators

    to access tools, trainings, products, and other resources that support distance learning

  • Organizing relief funds

    for local small businesses, restaurant partners, artists, and nonprofits

  • Distributing and donating thousands of sanitation products,

    including cleaning supplies, masks, and hand sanitizer