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The internet industry is supporting students, families, and educators to bridge the digital gap in education during the COVID-19 pandemic. IA member companies are donating resources, developing educational materials, and deploying tools to make distance learning more accessible for every American.

IA Members Are Supporting Online Learning By:

  • Donating resources and hardware, including laptops and Wi-Fi spots, to students and schools across the country to make online learning more accessible. 
  • Launching initiatives for educators, students, and parents to aid online learning such as IT guides for teachers and parents and tips for students on how to make the most of online learning.
  • Awarding over $1 million in grants to nonprofits that support making online learning more accessible to students. 
  • Offering more resources to help with student and teacher health and wellness, including new courses on mindfulness and emotional learning.
  • Partnering with nonprofits and other organizations to provide free meals to immunocompromised students and those who qualify for free or subsidized meals.